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The Brilliant Wheels Personal Transporter (PT) allows the user to discover mobility in a way never experienced before. This mobility discovery is without borders and enables clients in the medical, mobility impaired, leisure, sporting, seniors and general public to reshape and change the way we thought about and travelled before...truly a personal mobility experience for all...

...time for evolution

BW World

In the Brilliant Wheels World we design concepts and solutions for the PT to adapt to the user. The user does not adapt to the PT anymore. The Brilliant Wheels PT will change the way we thought about transport and travelled before…truly a personal mobility experience for all that will change the world for many...
A single advanced high-tech platform... multiple applications and functionality, personally customised... suitable for all...
just Brilliant!


Mobility impaired

The concepts of cars, aeroplanes, mobile phones, communication and computer applications have all evolved, but the concepts of transport for the mobility impaired has seen very little change since 1783. "Claire" is the first Brilliant Wheels Personal Transporter(PT) breaking the chains of the centuries-old concept, creating new possibilities and options of transport for Claire.

Senior mobility

Healthy up and about, just retired or riddled with arthritis and age related disease or traveling the word, the needs of our Seniors have not changed and is none different than the rest of the population. The single biggest change however is in the mobility and ability to move like before. Whether this is caused by systemic disease of muscle and joint conditions, it severely impacts on the quality of life of many of our seniors.

Recreational and sport

To provide innovative, high quality, affordable means of alternative transport solutions for the mobility impaired/disabled people and the recreational/leisure market around the world - giving you a sense of self, security and freedom.

Alternative mobility

The first product from Brilliant Wheels will provide innovative, high quality, affordable means of alternative transport solutions for the mobility impaired / disabled people and the recreational / leisure market around the world – giving you a sense of self, security and freedom.

Our Team

The BW team combined and integrated the best of skill and knowledge from the Medical, Aeronautical, Engineering, Mechatronic, Material, Transport and Digital Industries worldwide to redefine the concept of the ideal PT...stand and ride, sit and ride or powerwalk to your destination - freedom mobilised.

Meet the founders

Adriaan van Eeden

The Brilliant Wheels World of Mobility Freedom is and was the dream and vision of the founder of Brilliant Wheels, Adriaan van Eeden.
Adriaan is a qualified and experienced Aeronautical Engineer and was a manager with South African Airways with 32 years experience in Aircraft maintenance and modification. He left SAA to give Brilliant Wheels Wings :)
Adriaan is tasked to make the Personal Transport vehicle more of a daily need and reality.

Bruce Burton

Electronic Engineer – Research and development for the electronic systems.
Full time expert motion control engineer, researcher, and managing director of Exigo Motion Control Laboratory, technical director of Abacus Automation and adjunct senior lecturer and researcher at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. 

Developed and designed a fully functional 500 ton mobile crane motion control system.

Samuel van Eeden

Dr. Sam van Eeden is a Medical Doctor registered with the Irish Medical Council. Dr Sam obtained formal training and qualification in General Medicine and Surgery. He further holds a Medical Research Degree and is a Diplomate of the ABHRS/IBHRS.
His special interests include mobility impairments of the elderly and he is a strong supporter of keeping our Seniors active, at home and involved in society... for life.
Dr. Sam is instrumental in the specific needs development of the Brilliant Wheels R&D Incubation Unit.

Edwin Robertson

Aviation Engineer at S.A.AF, Research and Development of the Brilliant Wheels medical Support vehicle "Claire" for 12 years.
Founder of the Robertson Motor Works Company. Build a fully functional AC Cobra replica.

Lance Benn

B.Sc Electronical EngineerEngineer – Research and development for the electronic systems "Claire" - Majors include: Control Systems, Power Electronices, Power Systems, Automation and Electrical Machines.
Registered Ph.D candidate in Electrical Engineering at the University of Kwazulu-Natal.
Received the "Best student paper award at the 2006 SAIEE SAUPEC conference (Jan 2006)

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